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Correct Ref: GM/SS-218


Apologies for any confusion on the ref of my final GM/SS summit on Thursday 5/2/09. Although I had given the correct ref: GM/SS-218 to Barry 2E0PXW to spot me on Sotawatch, I had written SS-128 on the top of my log sheet.

So to confirm, my correct summit reference for Thursday 5/2/09 was GM/SS-218 as posted on the spots page. This summit was right behind our hotel, The Tarbet Hotel. Can all stations worked please check their logs as this will almost certainly be a unique for most.

To Phil G4OBK, I’m almost certain that you heard me confirm our QSO on 30m from the above summit, but I will confirm on here that it was a good QSO, you were a very clear signal with me and heard my report to you correctly.



In reply to GW0DSP:
Yes Mike I was happy with the integrity of our 30m QSO when you were on SS-218.

Thanks for the new one!



In reply to GW0DSP:

Some pics on Flikr of GM/SS-218 Mike took on my camera.


In reply to G1INK:

Thanks Steve, I have sorted mine now, it was just the small metal battery connector on the lid of the battery holder, in case you get the same problem.