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Congrats Ken (K6HPX) on cracking 1000


Just looked at our W7A stats and it looks like Ken broke the 1k points mark!




Congratulations Ken ! Happy to see you break 1,000 points. Look forward to working you on many more. 73 de Scotty KG3W


Congrats Ken. Always enjoy making a contact with you.
Gary a. - W0MNA


Congratulations to Ken for reaching Mountain GOAT status. Ken is the third Mountain GOAT from Arizona/W7A.

Well done Ken.

So when can we get together in Tucson to celebrate your achievement with the other Southern Arizona ops?




Well done and congratulations.

Paul W6PNG


Yes, Ken entered goatdom April 20th, very quietly. Never talked about it, just kept at it. W6PNG, whose reply is just above, and K6EL bought Ken a lunch last week in exchange for tutoring us for several hours on the subject of exotic portable Sota antennas. No wonder he is always loud from the field. Congrats, Ken. Keep it up.

Elliott, K6EL
Sota MT


Congrats Ken, and thanks for all the summits.

Lee, N7LP


Thanks for the kind words! Having such a terrific bunch of activators and chasers out there have made being on a summit a real pleasure. All best,

Ken, K6HPX


Congratulations Ken


Congrats Ken! It’s always a pleasure to work you and even more fun now that Kay is going out with you!

73, Bud N7CW


Congratulations Ken! Hope to see you soon!

Paul - K9PM


Congratulations Ken! Hope we an get out for a joint activation next time I’m in Tucson.


Mike - ke5akl


N6PKT Congratulations Ken…


Congratulations Ken ! It’s always great to get you in the log as activator or chaser.

73 Rich N4EX