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Hi All,
Am I now right in thinking that if a station has been spotted and this is on SOTAWatch with all the relevant information, that if said station QSY’s to a different frequency ON THE SAME BAND that ist ok tospot again ? and again ? and again? and again ? and so on ? Seems a bit daft if you sk me as I was under the impression multiple spots of same station +/- 50kc’s was frowned upon ?



In reply to M0LMP:

Give it a rest Lee.


Seems a bit daft if you sk me as I was under the impression multiple spots of same station +/- 50kc’s was frowned upon ?

I assumed from your post that this had actually happened this morning, but I cannot find any such instances in the spots. Hence one of my MT colleagues must have already dealt with it.

Hope this is OK.

73, Tom M1EYP


In reply to M0LMP:
I tend to disagree Lee… 50 kHz is a long way from a spotted QRG (especially if you’re using a 250 Hz CW filter). I assume you meant 0.5 kHz (500 Hz) in which case you might have a point but I don’t see any of those today. So the question is moot.

73 Marc G0AZS


In reply to M0LMP:
Well, I’ll give you my take on it, Lee. Multiple posts to alert chasers to changes of frequency and mode are not a problem, what really annoys me is when the Home Page view of Spots shows nothing but spots of some single activation with no useful information other than that some chaser has succeeded in working the activation. These “Bragging Spots” are just a waste of bandwidth. There again, though, its not worth the hassle of deleting them unless it is a busy time with lots of activations in progress. When the full page view of spots is predominantly red, its time to see if a little pruning can be done. This attitude might be a little lassez faire for you, Lee, but I would much rather spend the time watching the band rather than the posts unless a problem is developing.


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:
Cheers Brian, thanks for the clarification.

Andy, grow up !! Say something contructive or keep quiet !!



This is really getting tiresome.

It’s also the reason why I don’t spot anymore and have deleted my account on Sotaforum.

Quite franckly I am seriously considering of calling it a day and saying goodbye to SOTA.

After all it is suposed to be a hobby.



In reply to ON3WAB:

Peter, SOTA is what happens on the air, not what shows up on your screen! Enjoy the radio and ignore the gladiators!


Brian G8ADD


Hi Brian,

Agreed, but if you want to look for information, this happens on your screen and then you come across things like this.

So sometimes it’s hard to ignore it especially with my english not being that good I have to read it carefully to understand it.