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Chasers: Show us your Station


VHF: Icom IC-2200H, antenna Diamond X-30
HF: Tentec R4030 (on way new Youkits HB1B).


Here is my station

Antennes MA5B, 2x15 Doublet, 4el 6M, 5el 4M
Running 200W from K3 Expert


Who cares about the K3 when there’s an HP8566 and other toys! :slight_smile:


That’s a nice looking shack Karel, thanks for posting.

A change in my shack this week - replacing two 19" square screen monitors with a 27" Samsung HD widescreen TV which will allow an HDMI connection from a PC - see pic below. The ex-corporate HP Compaq PC I bought for £150 last month (TNX - bought via the Mr SOTAbeams G3CWI Fleamarket website) didn’t have an HDMI port - its a good PC though - i3 processor and Windows 7 with 250 GB SSD, 16 MB RAM and 6 USB ports. So I bought a VGA to HDMI converter from a seller on the usual auction site for £6 and the Compaq PC now powers the TV/monitor. Can’t see me watching TV in the shack though, too much else of interest in the cave!

73 Phil


If this convers, fine…if not it’s a Wouxun KG-UV3D With a 19" Diamond antenna.
I bet I get more miles chasing than some of you do on your excursions. Trying to get into the right place can be a challenge. Sometimes I find a two-inch window to Tx/Rx, and when the wind blows your antenna out of the window…it’s a whole bunch of fun!!!
That’s why we do this!!!



up in the thread my former shack is shown.

This summer I had time to reorganize it giving using more space. The equipment is the same as described before but now it is a pleasure to sit and ran the radio on this tidy table (unless I have any ongoing project that makes it much more crowded, which happens often, hi)

73 de Ignacio


My actual shack, powered by poder supply or solar pannel. Leds are powered by solar pannel.


How about a graphics card? That would allow you to add more monitors as and when you feel the need; all of them running at 4K if need be.
73 Matt


I just relocated my station and setted up more 2 antennas.

Both vertical for 20/40m bands.

73 de Eyran 4X4-2238.