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Chaser Log View


Am I missing something, or has the ability to view my complete chaser log all in one go been taken away ??

73 M0MOL (Gareth)


In reply to M0MOL:

The year filter lets you look at it in handy bite-sized lumps!


Brian G8ADD


In reply to M0MOL:


Andy, MM0FMF
Database manager


In reply to M0MOL:

This is a problem caused because of a modification done to try to help me verify claims. Unfortunately it will need to be re-visited so can you please bear with us until a solution is found.

Meanwhile, any Chaser claims in the pipeline will be delayed until the situation is sorted.


Barry GM4TOE
SOTA Awards Manager


In reply to GM4TOE:

OK, Thanks Barry :). I do like to see the complete list rather than having it in bits.

73 M0MOL (Gareth) :slight_smile:


In reply to M0MOL:

I use the ‘Save to File’ button and then open the .CSV file in Excel.

The only thing missing then is the running points total (unless your really feel the need to see the confirmation column for all contacts) - you can re-create the Running Total in Excel if you really want:

  1. Having opened the CSV in Excel save it as an Excel File.
  2. Add a new Column ‘Total’ (Column J)
  3. In cell J2 type ‘=I2’ and press Enter key
  4. In cell J3 type ‘=J2+I3’ and press Enter key
  5. Select cell J3 and position the mouse pointer in the bottom right corner of the cell (it should change to a cross)
  6. Hold the left button down and drag the pointer down the Column and release the left button when you reach the end.

(Do not type the ’ chars)

Stewart G0LGS


In reply to G0LGS:
Hi Stewart,

Easy enough to do, now try it with umpteen claims for awards and with a database of 50K chases :o))

I think life is just too short to do that!

To be fair, Andy was just trying to help out when I discovered IE8 just gave up on large database downloads but he didn’t realise that the “fix” actually created more of a problem for me than switching to a different browser.

Hopefully all will be back to something like it was in the fullness of time.


Barry GM4TOE


Barry, the umpteen claims you refer to are going to increase more steeply than a linear fashion, what with the new awards about to go on line. Why not get part-time paid help, someone who can also be tasked with fixing the dozens of annoyances in the chaser log entry procedure…no funds to do that kind of hire? What about donations? There was mention last month of a donation received by the MT. How does one donate? I previously suggested that you install a separate line on the store’s order page to allow voluntary donations with each item ordered…would that queer things with the taxing authorities? See http://www.sotawatch.org/reflector.php?topic=6816#
Crystal Ball #1


In reply to K6ILM:

A couple of months ago I did place a small “Donate” button on the front page of the shopping site after further requests for the facility. I don’t think it has been used though. I will move it to one of the order pages if I can.

The problem with the Chaser log view on the database is really of my making. I requested help from Andy MM0FMF and he did what he thought would solve my problem (it did) but it also means that the view of the whole Chaser log is no longer available and it is this which has created another problem - I need access to the whole of a Chaser (and Activator) log to be able to verify a claim. Andy has been rather involved with other matters for the last few days but when he is able to get a moment or two the matter will be rectified.

The last thing we need is anybody else having design access to the database, the potential for “gotchas” is just too great!


Barry GM4TOE


In reply to GM4TOE:


Validating claims against the database sounds like something that requires a different interface specifically for that purpose (and accessible only to certain users).

As I have done some database work I know that it will take a bit of time to define exactly what you need and more time still for Andy to develop that into a solution to achieve an acceptable result.

However once that has been done it should be much easier to use something that gives what you really need rather than you using the interface that appears more suited to individual chaser and activator use.

Stewart G0LGS


In reply to GM4TOE:

A couple of months ago I did place a small “Donate” button on the
front page of the shopping site after further requests for the
facility. I don’t think it has been used though. I will move it to one
of the order pages if I can.

The Donate Button needs to go on the SOTAwatch2 Home page.
This is the one that is most visible to chasers and activators and should remind them that they are getting all this for free!

I’d gratefully click it!



Back on the original subject:

I have discovered a little quirk with using the ‘compact’ view of the spots page.

If I spot the same station on 2 bands (with no other spots appearing between them) then they appear grouped together showing just the most recent spot frequency (the ‘edit’ link will also edit the most recent entry).

Whilst this might arguably be the best way to present the compact view it was a little unexpected and means needing to change the view to edit/delete previous spot(s).

Stewart G0LGS


In reply to G0LGS:

Hi, Stewart, compacting the spots helps to keep everything in view during busy periods where the older still-active spots used to drop from view off the bottom of the page. With NA going into overdrive I think we will really appreciate it this summer!


Brian G8ADD