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Cancelled Activation again!


Hi All,

Sorry for anyone waiting for me on MW-027 today !!

I must say I did expect some trouble on this one following Davids Mishap on it.

But did not expect so many Difficulties as I got today.

We set off in plenty of time from Hotel in Oswestry, getting to Park spot at Middletown in terrential rain (again)! We decided to give it a go and followed road back to Shalom and then followed reasonable path to stile that led us into the wooded area. This is where the problems began, slippy under foot and I mean SLIPPY! we pushed on to signpost at 250m ASL that told us to go left and began the very steep section. After struggling to approx 300m and 4-5 slips that brought me to my knees each time,I slipped once more and felt a tearing pain in my heal. I had torn my plantar ligament, and knew we could not continue. so descending gingerly limping all the way back to the stile, slipping and sliding all the way.

David was not exagerating when he said be wary on this one, today was too wet and slippy following the overnight rain. To anyone who wishes to activate in the future, I would suggest you wait for at least 4-5 days of dry weather before attempting it or use Crampons. This is one summit that scared me beyond anything we have done this year!!!

One point Summit that bites back, please be careful!!!

Health and Safety problems just does not justify one point, or Ten??!

Apologies again for any chasers waiting for me.

NW-060 should be OK for tomorrow as tarmac path all the way in, I have strapped my foot and intend to rest it today.




In reply to 2E0LAE:


Sorry to read about your injury. I recall MyG being steep with slippery tree roots. There are worse ones though. Callow Hill by the direct route (root) springs to mind. I ascended direct but did not care to descend that way.

I hope that your ankle is soon better.




In reply to 2E0LAE:
Ouch! You poor man. At least you took a good choice, descended and haven’t made the acquaintance of Mr van Liefland FRCS at Shrewsbury Royal.
David 2E0DAI


In reply to M6WOW:
Sorry to hear you never got to activate this summit, may be you should get down to your local Millets or Blacks store, Millets are closing 89 shops, And Blacks are having a sale on, i just bought two pairs of boots Killimanjaro and Altitude for £154.98 buy one get one half price grand total £127.48, plus other goodies on sale.

Steve m0sgb


In reply to 2E0LAE:

Thanks to you all for messages.

Richard, although disappointing I know we lived to fight another day!

David, I think we passed your favourite spot HiHi

Steve, it seriously wasnt the boots,we both have Brashers,lightweight. This path is seriously slippy when wet. maybe I need to go and get some crampons to fit them. Hi Hi

Thanks again




In reply to 2E0LAE:

Sorry to hear that Moel y Golfa claims another victim. I hope the injury heals quickly and you can get back out on the hills.

73, Gerald


In reply to G4OIG:

Thanks Gerald,

The injury is not bad although I did get the odd twinge going up and down Mynnydd Y Briw on the sunday!

Having a couple of weeks off Activations more for family commitments than injury,I will be back with a couple of WB’s very soon




In reply to 2E0LAE:

Take care Tony. My ankle is still not 100% since falling off the top of a step ladder at the end of August, but I would say that SOTA activations are actually helping with the recovery. The walk up and down Carnedd Llewelyn a few weeks back did wonders for it!

73, Gerald