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Call upon chasers when 2 activators are on one summit



This is a call to all chasers.
Many times already we’ve come to the conclusion that many chasers only work one activator while 2 activators are on a summit at the same time.
I would like to ask all chasers to work both activators, both need the qso’s to qualify and both like to have as many qso’s as possible I’m sure. I understand this is double work for the chasers, however it is also twice fun to contact a summit.

2 activators on one summit brings in a safety factor for the activators, they can rely on each other when they would get into trouble, hurt themselves, fall of a cliff,…and they can have long chats about radio while driving toward the summits.

Maybe the MT can award one extra point when working a summit more times a day so chasers get something out of the double entries ??

TNX & best 73


I also think that the chaser should call to each of two activators. However, not everything can be converted into points. There is solidarity, which in this case should be more important.

Jarek, SP9MA


Indeed, support those who bring you fun. :smiley:


In a typical situation, one activator operates for a while then the other one takes over. A chaser who contacted the first activator will stand by when there is little activity, but when there is a lot of activity - weekends, for instance, when there may be several simultaneous activations - the chaser will be off calling other activations and may not be able to return in time to work the second activator. Chasers are willing to make the second contact for no points but they will give a higher priority to chases that earn points. I would suggest that at busy times the two activators alternate, passing the mike or key to each other for each contact. The presence of two activators should be mentioned in the comments section of the spot, too.


Quite amusing.

In the past we have had calls for chasers NOT to work the second activator so as not to clog up the queues for those chasers who have not yet had made the QSO!


Maybe I needed to add that we particularly work on different bands at the same time.

Alternating is time consuming… …


I normally work the two activators when I can, this way as has been said it gives them points and without activators where would we be.
Perhaps some chasers feel there is nothing to gain by working a second station on the same summit.
Well done activators.


This is a style I really don’t like as a chaser … but the activators are king/queen.


The activators should be aware when there are MANY chasers trying to work them and NOT insist on each chaser working both activators. It’s ridiculous for the chaser to have to wait twice as long, what is already a really LONG time, while this is playing out unnecessarily.

73, Barry N1EU


Full agreement, Barry, except for the first four for each activator. As second activator I normally go quiet after four and let the first activator work all the remaining chasers as quickly as possible.


I don’t insist on working both, I’m merely asking that more people try to work both activators. We have had that we barely came to 5 qso’s with the first activator, needless to say the second activator had to call over and over … …
W have had some quite horrible conditions the last months, activating as QRP is not aways that simple.


+1 for this approach. Just need to ensure it is qualified for each activator then the two (or more!) activators will normally do a run of a few chasers each, or as you suggest Rod, just let one get on with it.

I have had a situation where my fellow activator “gobbled up” all the chasers then I was left struggling - it wasn’t their fault - I said “I’ll get a few on another band”, then couldn’t! So now I am careful to adopt the approach above when there are two or more of us on the hill.


You are right Frank!

Only activators understand fully the difficulty to qualify a summit under bad propagation and QRP! But generally the most chasers try to help both activators. Many times happens to wait for 5-10minutes and copy an activator coming suddenly strong under a very deep QSB. So patience is the key for both sides!
The less more I always do, for activators as a chaser, is to put an alert in DXsummit for more chasers!!!

73 de SV2OXS, Christos.


To Me

Its important to reach one or more ops on the same summit on same day.
I won’t gain from it but the 2nd or more ops will, for there making of there activation a valid one. And don’t forget as we lounge in our shacks these people have taken time and effort to get up there in first place and make it worth there while.

There’s couples also do summits together and pass you over to there other half,s. So they can qualify the summit. Same with S2S on same summit as did one YO summit from G/DC-003 and worked 5 different ops, no gain to me BUT gain to the 5 operators out to qualify the summit there own.

Karl M3FEH


This is a recipe for confusion. In the past, it has led to many incorrect entries appearing in chasers’ logs, where the wrong callsign is recorded for the QSO. This confusion is further compounded if each activator does not give his/her own callsign during each and every QSO.

Walt (G3NYY)


Agreed Walt - I’m always very careful to do this.

It’s pretty rare for me to have to do a bit of “mic swapping”, I recognise it is cumbersome and prone to call sign confusion, but needs must with the first few QSOs. You never know if you will “get your four” from the summit so it is wise to get the first few in the bag for all the activators just in case. Then revert to single operator.


Yes, and when sharing the microphone or key like this by alternating, one should always identify with your callsign phonetically (in voice) on EVERY QSO to avoid incorrect logged callsigns which in effect make the QSO void! These database logging errors are not uncommon!

73 Phil

73 Phil


You can try using more power Frank. I did not had any troubles lately making QSO’s as an activator :wink:


I always try to work both activators but have in the past been asked to log another call sign when i have only worked one this I will not do .


Of course not! You are quite correct not to do so unless you have had a proper callsign/signal reports both ways exchange.