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Build video: FA-VA5 Antenna Analyser Kit



Saturday was bad wx in OE so the timing was perfect that the antenna analyser kit from Funkamateur arrived.
I decided to make a short unboxing and assembly video. It’s mostly in 5 times speed so that it does not take forever to watch.
First test and the master calibration are done. Just did a check on my trusty 2m J-Pole :slight_smile: . I might make a second video on that too.

Here the video:

Small mistakes were made. One cardboard piece to keep the distance felt of. But I could align the display still. Rest went relatively smooth. About 1,5 h total time for assembly.
Very nice kit. Delivery time quite long because of very much interest in the kit.

73 de Joe


Hello Joe,

Congrats to your assembly job - quite a good bad weather program. Nice video. Now you can “boost” your J-pole antenna.



Hello Peter,

Thank you for the comment.
That is the plan. Now I can put the 300Ohm ladder line that I bought at the hamradio Friedrichshafen to good use. :smiley:
And a Moxxon for 2m too. 3mm Aluminium rods (for welding) are waiting …

Will bring it with me next Saturday to the OE5 SOTA day.

73 Joe