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Bikini and cheese hill top party


Seems an eon since we had one of these silly friendly get togethers. So a gathering of friends is proposed.

Date Sun 28 Feb, locatation a summit on either the South Pennines OS Map or the Peak District OS Map around high noon. Details later although I do have a summit or two in mind with good parking but no pub.

Scan will consist of decent cheese, biscuits and sarspirilla and, if you can get some at this time of year, fresh French Truffles (not chololate ones). If you want wine bring your own.

Dress will be bikinis. How you wear them is up to you but they must be visible.


In reply to G6DDQ:
Sp-017 Billinge hill sounds like a good one, no pubs close enough, but not too hard to climb, can i bring my donkey, as transport is a little bit difficult with the price of fuel, these days and i cant get my dad to take me there in his helicopter, Steve m0sgb


In reply to M0SGB:

Uh? Don’t know what it’s like these days but the Foot (Holts Arms) about half a mile downhill along Crank Road towards Orrell used to sell excellent hand pumped Burtonwood when it was my local many many years ago. Can’t remember the name of the one on Upholland Road (which you can see NE from the hill) but it used to sell a nice pint of Tetley’s.




In reply to G3WPF:
Dont tell inky that they have hand pumped beer or a free house, we know he likes beer beer and more beer… steve m0sgb


Eh lads, yer makin’ me feel ‘omesick - ah were born an’ brought up in Winstanley, nobbut a mile or two from Orrell and Billinge Hill.

Don’t think I’ll make 28 Feb though, even though I do still visit a couple of times a year. Bikinis a bit chilly I think - good laugh though.



In reply to M0SGB:

Steve, it will not be Billinge Hill neither will it be a single pointer.

Have been in touch with dray and they say it is a bit too far to lay a “mild” line. So you will have to bring yer own.

The hill has almost been decided but not confirmed. Will do so at the start of next week. But it will require a small walk in. Apologies if it is in the county with the incorrect colour of rose. Clue: I like my fish battered.


In reply to G6DDQ:

Steve, it will not be Billinge Hill neither will it be a single

Tee hee! I was wondering how the locals who walk their dogs on Billinge Hill would have reacted to the bikinis! Talk about living dangerously … :wink:

Walt (G3NYY)


In reply to G3NYY:

The way the weather is this year, the bikini should be on top of a wet-suit and under an electrically heated parka…that would even scare the dogs!


Brian G8ADD


In reply to M0SGB:
Well, I think it’s only fair that he does know Steve as I am a regular visitor to one or two in his neck of the woods - especially Smelly Chelly (The Church Inn at Chelmorton).

BTW the name of the pub I couldn’t remeber is the Hare & Hounds and I also understand that the Unicorn, a bit further down towards Orrell has some decent beers too. Anything to eradicate the memory of SP-017?




In reply to G3WPF:

(The Church Inn at Chelmorton)

Used to serve a nice pint of Adnams. Most of my drinking is now done in Wetherspoons - cheap & cheerful & a 300m walk :slight_smile:


In reply to G1INK:

Walk there and stagger back! :wink:


Brian G8ADD


In reply to G8ADD:
If you want i could bring jack and jenny, steve m0sgb


Black Hill is the venue


In reply to G1INK:

Smelly Chelly had a nice pint of PGA on from Macc last Wednesday as well as the usual beers.




In reply to G3WPF:

mmmmm nice - I prefer Silk of amnesia from the same brewery.


Nah, got to be the one and only Bosley Cloud ale.

There’s a storm brewing…



If any friends are thinking of going please post as an alert so we know how much cheese to bring


In reply to G6DDQ:

I only have one attendee so perhaps it may be advisable to attend more in the breach than in the observance


In reply to G6DDQ:
Hi myke after yesterdays performance on celebrating my birthday, i now know what to expect on saturday night, so unfortunetly i will not be attending, as all day sunday is needed to recover, have fun, plus i hear its going to snow again, steve m0sgb