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Open to all:- Whats your best distance on 2M FM from a SOTA summit?



In reply to 2M0ETR:

Hi Adrian,

With FM not really being a good DX mode this could be interesting. I think my best 2m FM contact was 285 Km from G/SP-009 on 12/09/09.

I heard a special event station GB2BCT calling CQ on S20 & answered their call. It was a churches on the air station from St Marks church, Tandragee, Armagh, Northern Ireland, being operated by Davy. We gave each other reports of 52 both ways but had a very nice relaxing QSO lasting several minutes.

I was only using a homemade J-Pole & about 25 Watts. I think having mostly a sea path helped :wink:


Mark G0VOF


Not sure about mine, but I well remember a contact Jimmy M3EYP made from Shining Tor G/SP-004 in 2007. He worked Don G0RQL on 2m FM with just 0.5 watts running at the time. 306km.




In reply to M1EYP:

I am always amazed at how well Don gets over the Welsh hills into the North West of England & beyond. Regardless of conditions I can usually hear him working SOTA stations on 2m SSB.


mark G0VOF


In reply to 2M0ETR:

Hi Adrian,

My own best distance as far as i can see was from GM/SS-002 (Stob Binnein) down to Walney island,a distance of around 265km using just 1.5 watts. 13/09/2009 with Steve M0IGG,also managed several contacts on same activation and power into Northern Ireland.

Would be interested to know what other folk use to measure contact distances.I found a google map program on; http://www.daftlogic.com/projects-google-maps-distance-calculator.htm which works ok .

Graeme. 2M0GIL


In reply to 2M0GIL:

Hi Graeme,

Depending on the purpose I may use the Ruler function in Google Earth, or for locator to locator distances I use the following



Mark G0VOF


In reply to 2M0ETR:

Open to all:- Whats your best distance on 2M FM from a SOTA summit?

With my limited useage of the mode: 2m FM - GW/NW-012 to G/NP-005 (M0RCP/P) on 26th April 2006 - 157km.

I was just thinking about this Adrian and wondered whether there was any interest in having a list similar to that for the number of QSOs during an activation. Then I thought about the random factors that might affect the list, such as Tropo conditions, Sporadic E, etc. Such a list would be subject to an activator being in the right place at the right time. Thinking on, I wondered whether there would be any merit in listing long distance S2S contacts or contacts at say 70cms and above where the random factors are reduced.

What do others think?

73, Gerald

P.S. See separate thread regarding lists - please post there, not on this thread.


In reply to G4OIG:

What do others think?

Probably 1 record keeper per band for the busy bands and a single keeper for say SHF/microwaves. Activators and chasers have to submit their claims to the keeper to be included in any tables (stops people who don’t want to be in lists from appearing) and sort by mode/propagation method.

Could be interesting!

0DX 2m SSB 528km MM0FMF/p GM/SS-049 <> G0RQL QTHr 4.5W, 3el SOTAbeam



Now ask me about SSB…

To be fair Gerald and Andy, the original question did specify FM! I have my best DX on 2m in the 800km range (France), on SSB (Backpackers) with a lift on and CW (Marconi).

If anyone steps forward to be the custodian of these lists (and I am not volunteering), then I expect G0RQL might feature significantly in them!



In reply to M1EYP:

From Foel Fenlli GW/NW-051: M3EKQ in I091TM @ 264KM

SSB, worked CT1EAT in IM68BA from Titterstone Clee WB-004 1649KM (Es)

73, Chris


For 2m SSB:

02/09/2007 G0LGS/P on G/WB-009 HB9WW 842Km (JN37KB) using 9 Ele TONNA
22/08/2009 G0LGS/P on G/WB-021 EB1LA 961Km (IN63VN) using 3 Ele SOTA

Stewart G0LGS


In reply to M1DTJ:

An uncanny co-incidence that I managed to work the same guy (with his 2E0 call this time) in IO91TM from Billinge Hill on Wednesday evening… FM simplex of course.

IO83PL > IO91TM = 269KM (FT857D > 10W > 5ele Jaybeam)

SP-017 really is an excellent VHF summit if you don’t mind sharing your operating space with empty beer cans and various other unpleasant items.

73, Chris