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ATTN: G1INK *** Spam from G1INK ***


Steve, your g1ink AT aol.com email address has been compromised and the account is now being used to send pills spam and the like to everyone in your address book. Can you recover this account ASAP and stop the spam please.



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just spotted this so glad inky sorted it out,
steve m0sgb


Also received a mail through your mail address, Steve. It contained a virus, but was stopped at the door :o)



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Hello Steve, I also received the email as I have just checked after seeing this thread. Like others blocked here but now running a full system scan as I have four PC’s networked. These people who do this are such a pain. Hope all is well with you.


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Cheers Mike - all ok, just got back from a HuMP activation. I changed the password on my Email account. The malicious virus will only attack those daft enough to open an unsolicited link. Ive lost count of the times Ive won the Canadian lottery without even entering it. I reckon my account was compromised when I checked my Email from a PC at work - lesson learned, wont do that again.


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times I`ve won the Canadian lottery without even entering it. I reckon

Jolly good.

I have been invited a number of times to send my details to Africa because someone has 20 million something and they will give me a cut if I help them “liberate” these monies into my UK bank account. I don’t think so :sunglasses: !!!


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Don’t you string them along? I have endless fun with them. My record is an exchange of 10 replies before they escaped my hook!



Also get the mail, thinking it was a good advice from a fellow ham :slight_smile:
73 de LA1KHA Kjell