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In getting ready for a UK trip in June and particularly around using 2m I have the following questions;

a) Is APRS used/monitored/of value for the SOTA community while people are engaged in an activation?

If yes then
b) Is 144.80 the correct UK APRS frequency?
c) What Digipeater path setting do I use?
d) Given we use the Digipeater path of “WIDE1-1, WIDE2 -1” . Will these work in the UK?



I have my APRS2SOTA Gateway monitoring for SOTA specific traffic on the APRS-IS network, whilst is gets some use from UK stations, most of the Spots it is used for are probably originated in the USA.

I don’t know if anyone uses or monitors APRS for any other SOTA activity.

144.800 is the UK APRS frequency.

It is my understanding that WIDEn-n paths are supposed to be supported through-out the UK and my MB7UCC APRS I-Gate certainly supports (and uses) them.




Thanks for the reply and I’ll see what other responses are posted but it sounds as though APRS is more popular in the US.

My Yaesu VX-8 manual states that enabling GPS adds about 20% more battery consumption and that plus regularly transmitted APRS updates while on an ascent suggest I’m depleting a small and sparse battery with limited benefits to myself and the chaser community.