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Anyone mind if I tag along on a GW/NW activation?


Hi all,

As a new operator I would love to come along on an activation of a GW/NW summit to see how you work, particularly on HF with SSB. I am not yet ready for CW, but hope to spend the “long winter nights” learning.

I am frequently busy at weekends, so it may be a while before I can sync up a planned date.

You can post replies here, or email me direct on gerald dot davison at gmail dot com.

In return I can offer mountain navigation advice as I am a part time outdoor instructor… of course you may not want (or indeed need!) that, in which case I can offer endless chocolate biscuits instead…



Hi Gerald,

I expect Jimmy M3EYP and myself will be back out that way a few more times this year. Keep your eye on the alerts, and if we are doing anything that you fancy meeting up for, just let me know.

73, Tom M1EYP


Hi Gerald,

You are welcome to tag along with me sometime. I will get in touch when I have a spare day, see if its convenient for you. I will bring along my K2 HF-SSB and other portable kit I use.
My email can be found on qrz.com for direct replies.
Roger MW0IDX


In reply to MW6AQU:
Thanks folks - I have had a few replies which I much appreciate.

I will be in touch directly when I can sync up diaries. Any more offers that come in will be gratefully accepted.