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Anyone lost a mobile phone on Shining Tor?


Anyone lost a mobile phone on Shining Tor about 12 months ago? If so let me know what make and model it is so it can be returned to its rightful owner.

A long story but all will be revealed on its return! It belongs to a ham and somebody who is or has been involved in SOTA. Sean / M0GIA


Wow. I should have passed it to detective Sean earlier! I never thought for a minute to ask on here; I thought the chances of it belonging to one of the SOTA fraternity would be very slim.

It was Jimmy that found it, so I will have to double-check with him when it was he found it, and on what summit (think it was SP-004, but not 100%). My memory is hazy, but his will be clear (as ever).

It has sat dormant since the discovery, as it was locked and I had no way of geting into it to find any numbers, clues etc. I had forgotten all about it until rediscovering it in a kitchen drawer a few days ago, then Sean was round, who is a mobile 'phone engineer (or something, don’t know the exact job description).

I’m astonished that his investigations have linked it back to SOTA, and intrigued to know more. Plus, I feel a bit bad that I never mentioned it on here!



I wonder if a SPOTslite URL, stored on the phone, has a callsign embedded in it?

Just a thought.



In reply to M0GIA:
Is their no ‘ICE’ number on it, or check on other numbers that have been used more than any other, may be that way you could find the rightfull owner, im just going down to get the new 'T-mobile Google phone, upgrade as i have £50 spare,
Steve m0sgb


In reply to M0SGB:
No “ICE” numbers but some call signs (i have been in contact so word is out) in it and a SOTA number but just dropped back at home so unable to check that any further until i finish for the day.

As for the job description im test support ie unlocker, flasher, password remover and some hardware from time to time.

Im sure it will be returned sooner or later and as for feeling bad Tom you had no way of knowing how to get into the phone without knowledge or even a charger as it was flat! Sean / M0GIA


In reply to M0GIA:
Could have done with your services a few weeks ago "unblock"
Can you not get done for "flashing hi hi"
the only one i know thats always up Sp-04 was Steve g1ink, his phone is or was a nokia.

Steve m0sgb


I think you’ll find that one or two others have activated Shining Tor as well Steve!



In reply to M0SGB:
Flashing is ok as its only restoring original firm ware but un barring a phone that is stolen is something like 5 yrs and £5000 fine max penalty.
Flashing? Hope thats what you meant Steve?

Then its not G1INK’s phone … wonder who it belongs too? Sean / M0GIA


In reply to M0GIA:

Knowing Jimmy’s excepional abilities where memory is concerned, he can probably recall the exact date that he found the phone, if so, a check of the summit’s activation records up to a couple of weeks prior to the phone being found might narrow the field down a tad.

I think we are all interested to hear the outcome on this one Sean, good luck.



In reply to GW0DSP:
Excellent idea Mike and that would narrow it down a lot, no water damage so looking like it could have been the same day or previous days to being found with no rain! That wouldnt be many days in this country though!

We await Jimmy’s memory recall and then we can sift through the data base, i have a good idea where the person lives. Sean / M0GIA


In reply to M0GIA:

In reply to GW0DSP:

I’ll bet my house on it that Jimmy remembers the date.

i have a good idea where the person lives. Sean / M0GIA

Arrrrrgggghhhhhhh!! Don’t give us half clues, the suspense is killing me and probably others:-)

Sean, you should run a book on who the owner is, you would make a fortune mate.


P.S. Should anyone else find or lose equipment on a summit, we have a very useful lost and found section in the monthly Summits News. Just let me know ( news@summitsbase.org.uk ) any information for inclusion.



In reply to GW0DSP:
Good to have a lost and found section in the news and i will email details Mike if nothing comes of this phone but i dont think it will be long.

Place your bets! Oh the battery is not holding a charge for long so i have replaced it FOC so all the more reason to claim your phone whoever you are. Sean / M0GIA


OK, more information from the boy who can remember everything!

Jimmy recalls that it was Marianne who found this 'phone, in Hawes, in February 2007. Therefore, even more remarkable that it is someone to do with SOTA, and probably why I never thought to mention it on here - we didn’t do any SOTA on that little family break away!

Marianne can’t remember where in Hawes or surrounding area she found it. Don’t know why I thought it was Shining Tor about a year ago, but there you go. At least Jimmy remembers stuff!



In reply to M1EYP:

Don’t know why I thought it was Shining Tor about a year ago, but there you go. At least Jimmy remembers stuff!

It’s called priorities Tom. As you grow older priorities change - work inevitably takes a lot of the available space and it pushes less important things into deeper storage. Jimmy has it coming to him - one day he will be able to forget details just as well as you and I can, Hi!

73, Gerald
(…who forgot 4 SLABs and his 23cms antenna last time out - well, I’d had a bad week!)


In reply to G4OIG:

In reply to M1EYP:

Jimmy has it coming to him - one

day he will be able to forget details just as well as you and I can,

73, Gerald

I wouldn’t put any money on that Gerald.



Jimmy is looking forward to, and within two years of his 18th birthday. Gerald could be right or Mike could be right. It all depends how he takes to large glasses of memory-loss potion juice.

Any more news Sean?

I’ve had a quick scan through the database, and can’t find any obvious candidates who might have been in Hawes around the 2nd/3rd week of February 2007. Or possibly earlier, given that Jimmy’s “missing” mobile survived for 40 days and 40 nights on Kisdon a few months earlier.

Somebody out there must know of an activator that lost a mobile in the Hawes area in late 2006/early 2007?



In reply to M1EYP:
And the owner is…Stuart Cartlidge who lives in Liverpool but is on a project at the moment in Kenya! Dont know his call sign however i left my number with a lady who will then pass on to him on his return.

That took some phone calls and i decided to try again once i read your last post Tom. Sean / M0GIA


In reply to M0GIA:



In reply to G3CWI:
Nice one Richard and the end of the mystery owner. Sean / M0GIA


That is one small world. Stuart is a good friend of mine and he walked the first four days of the Pennine Way with Jimmy and myself in July 2006. When we were in Hawes, it was a family break with no SOTA involved. It was Marianne that found the 'phone. Amazing.

Nice work Sean. Only thing is, I’m sure poor Stuart has bought a replacement in the meantime!