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Anyone have issues with getting items from QRP Guys?


I ordered a key back in December, and received a notice that it was shipped December 24th. Well I am still waiting. The tracking number says the label was made and the USPS was waiting for the package.

After many attempts to contact them, I FINALLY got an email 10 days ago asking for my paypal info which I sent right away. Now I am not getting any response AGAIN.

We are now coming up on 2 months. Am I the only one?

Kent K9EZ


That’s weird. Never had an issue when I ordered stuff from them. Hope you get it taken care of. 2 months is way too long.

Roland K7FOP


The only resolution I got is that they said they refunded my money. You will have to forgive me if I dont hold my breath.

They said the issue was the Post Office didnt show it being shipped… because they never shipped it…

Stunning poor customer service. Be warned!


Last year I bought a QRP Guys antenna kit and was amazed by the fact that the USPS got it to me from the US to Germany in 5 days! This is very much the exception. Less than a month with USPS for such a shipment is normal as is in my experience 1 out of 3 shipments going missing, never to be found again. That’s USPS rather than QRP Guys or other suppliers though.

I agree with the other comments - 2 months (especially within the US) is too long.

I “think” QRP Guys are just two members of a radio club selling projects developed in the club - or have I mixed them up with someone else?

73 Ed.


I have had a couple of things from them and they have been promptly delivered - and quite quickly considering the distance!


Well they decided not to hip the key and gave me a refund. No idea what was going on here. they tried to blame the post office, but the item never shipped. Took this long just to get an email from them.

Not going to shop there again!


I’ve made several purchases from them, the most recent arrived last week. I think they only do a couple of shipments per month and just let the orders build up in between.