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Any JT65 chasers in the crowd?


In reply to G4TJC:

In reply to OH3T:

Does the software/protocol let you sign /P?

Yes it does. Also visiting calls are possible such as OH0/OH3T/P
However, each message is limited to max 13 characters!

So every single letter is important and hast to be meaningful. You have to make the decision if /p is
important to you and if that is required by the local rules. In OH land the /p
is optional.


Toni oh3t


In reply to W0MNA:
Thanks Gary. WB5USB, NM5SW and I have a double summit day planned for Sunday. Look for us.




In reply to OH3T:

Thanks Toni.

I was wondering because I think I’ve never seen /P on JT and was worried about multi-mode activations. I wouldn’t want to confuse ops by not signing /P on SSB & CW to match JT-mode transmissions.

73, Simon


In reply to K5RHD:
From my home I would be delighted to Chase on either PSK31 or JT65. I hope to activate PSK31 with my KX3 in the next few months after I get the new PX3. If they ever add JT65, which might be challenging, to the KX3 I would certainly try that. Bob KB6CIO


In reply to K5RHD:
Hi Randy,
Because of the 13 character limit some JT65 ops send an extra non-standard transmission - a “brag”’ file after the reports and before the 73’s. This may have info such as “5w dpl at 15m”.
I have been contemplating something along the lines of"SOTA VK3VC007" indicating it is a SOTA activation of peak VK3/VC-007.



About to go and sit for an hour on a summit on 50.276 and trying for JT65 QSOs. Don’t think I’ll make many contacts, but what I do get will be interesting. All chasers welcome to call, DX or not.


Hmm nothing at all. A few weak signals heard but my phone app didn’t decode them. Another day…


I have been listening on 50276 and also on 50310 using JT65 during the last few days. JT65 traffic is moving up tp 50310 as the latest version of WSJT-X takes hold.
Also note that the latest version of WSJT-X has the new FT8 mode which is a lot faster than JT65;. A typical FT8 QSO is completed in about 1 minute; might be worth a try?


Thanks for the info Ken, I’ll look into that.


PSK or WSJT are economically unprofitable and from my experience they are not effective as CW and they need a lot of battery. The stations I did not count on the JT65 were not a problem in the CW …
It is better to learn CW and work with other emissions only as an experiment.
From a standpoint as a hunter it is often not worthwhile to lose time on PSK or WSJT because then there is more QSO on CW / SSB / FM.
Vy 73 de Mariusz sp9amh always qrp


Hi Ken, I have had a bit of a play with FT8 and agree that it could be a useful mode for SOTA, The much quicker transmit and receive periods are great in reducing the time of a contact, but do come at a cost in decodes. FT8 seems to decode down to about -20 semi regularly, but if there are any hits it more frequently fails to decode compared to JT65.

Presently e-qsl and LOTW don’t appear to accept this mode, but give them time and it will be accepted I guess. Will be iteresting to see if there is much appeal for this mode from the SOTA perspective.



These modes will have some appeal to the jaded activator looking for a new challenge but I think the appeal will be transient.

From chatting to Tom it also appears that on his phone, the processor is insufficently powerful to do a full decode so the theoretical s/n improvements of the JT modes are probably not realised in practise as weaker signals take a lot more processing. That might mean that these modes are actually less effective than CW in his portable set-up.


“Jaded activator”?

There is no doubt that SP9AMH and G3CWI are correct in saying that CW is a much more profitable mode for SOTA activations than the various datamodes. Where both OM’s are wrong is in any suggestion that CW is in competition with datamodes.

Making datamodes work for SOTA activating, while limiting myself to a mobile phone that I was already carrying anyway (don’t want to take a laptop or a tablet), is a personal challenge that I am enjoying. I could probably help myself out by getting something more up-to-date than my currently-used old Samsung Galaxy S3 Neo, in terms of the JT65 ops.

Still got RTTY and SSTV to try from a summit too. I really ought to crack on with that.


Perfectly describes my enthusiasm towards the HF bands in SOTA in general currently.

I guess it will be the same for others too. Winter becomes more interesting and challenging


Creed 7Bs are getting to be quite rare nowadays. They will be neither cheap, nor easy to pick up but in the same way that operations with a 19 set cause a buzz, activations with a 7B will cause quite a stir.


Easy peasy - the 7B had a DC motor, as I recall, so ideally suited to portable operation on batteries :smile:


I could lift a 7B when I was 30. But that was a long time ago.


JT65 used to have a processor power requirement that only modern computers could provide. It was something that early laptops could not process within the 10 second decoding period. Of course all computers are now more powerful and nothing cannot handle such work. But such requirements need to be assessed against the actual power of the processor and memory in each phone. It is quite possible that only the most recent devices have enough power, and then, only just enough.