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Airport security part 2


Likewise with Melbourne this morning and Hong Kong a few minutes ago, although I kept the lithium battery in my bag for scanning.


No issues earlier this year at Glasgow,Heathrow, Budapest airports with KX2, Sotabeams linked dipole, 4m mini mast, tyt md-380, sharkrf openspot and associated batteries. I had a copy of my license ‘just in-case’.



Flew from Vienna to Tenerife South recently. Fishing pole, dipole and EFHW HF antennas, telescopic VHF/UHF antenna, spare NiMH battery in checked luggage and FT-817 radio (built-in Windcamp LiPo battery) in the carry-on. I took radio and laptop out of the bag and laid them out in the separate tray to be clearly visible by security staff.
They didn’t bat an eyelid, both ways.

But i have a weird experience with security in Lanzarote airport. They confiscated a carabiner that i had attached to my rucksack, after I flew with it several times over the years, to different countries and airports, also spanish ones. Apparently, the lady operating the scanner thought it could be used as a weapon and as soon as she indicated that, the guy from Guardia Civil took over. Oh well…




Yeah, i know. Her hand did fit, mine did not.


Wonder if I’m on some list now I’ve looked at that website :-s


Pencils can be quite nasty, too:


Melbourne airport this week, bound for Sydney: objects detected in my backpack by the x-ray operator. Security officer called and everything removed for inspection. FT60 handheld radio & accompanying battery pack immediately approved, Separate lithium battery of significant concern. (It’s accompanying FT817 and antenna were in checked backage, so no problem.) A succession of other opinions called for, before it was finally approved.

Two hours later, going through Sydney international, bound for USA: this time I removed the radio and battery from backpack and put them through the x-ray separately. No one took a second look.

I have come to expect inspections and questions, and long ago learned not to enter into discussion or debate - just let them do their job. If someone finally says ‘no’, I can then produce a copy of the airline and IATA rules, and one day I may lose the battery to a zealous inspector. For the FT817, I also carry an empty 8xAA cell battery holder. I can always buy some rechargable (or even plain alkaline) AA cells at my destination. Expensive but enabling.


Last month, bound for London from VK, I had the KX2 with internal battery, mic and antenna in a small zip camera accessory bag in my carry on back pack.
Transiting Bangkok and going through security, I took out the kx2 bag, unzipped it, spread it open and put it an the x-ray conveyor tray with phones etc.
After it went through the x-ray, a security guy came over and had a careful look over it. I just turned my back while waiting and hoped their wouldn’t be any problems! After what seemed an eternity, he placed it back on the conveyor.
After this and for the rest of the trip, I took the battery out of the KX2 and put the KX2 my checked luggage. The battery was carefully wrapped up and taken carry on as a “spare”.
Glenn VK3YY.


When I traveled to South Cook Islands, and was questioned in San Francisco International Airport about YouKits HB-1B qrp radio and antennas in my backpack. I explained that it is HAM radio equipment and antennas. It was sufficient.