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Airport security part 2


Its probably something on their Czech list…

Ho Ho Ho

I’ll get my coat…

Airport security

I will travel to New York (USA) in the Easter 2018 and some SOTA summits are on my radar…

I’m planning to take with me my MTR-3B, endfed antenna, RG-174, pico paddle and a bunch of NiMH batteries.

With all the modifications in the last months how difficult will be get trough TSA ? Any thoughts ?

TKS ES 73 de Pedro, CT1DBS


ZRH airport, traveling to SFO.

Alexloop antenna in its shoulder bag, which also contains a tripod, MTR4b, 850mAh 3S LiPo, Pico single paddle, earphones, cables.

No questions, requests to look inside, or any reaction from the x-ray person. The coiled Alexloop looked quite cool on the x-ray but I guess it doesn’t match anything naughty.


You can check yourself from TSA web page:


The amateur radio is well known hobby in US. In general the TSA personnel is professional and friendly on the borders.

73, Jaakko OH7BF(and other call signs)


Manchester Airport and transit through Hong Kong Airport security last week. Clear definitions given regarding carrying lithium batteries in hand luggage on the Cathay Pacific website = in compliance with IATA regs.

FT-857 - FT270 and HB1B transceivers, 5m pole, VHF dipole, HF link dipole, charger leads, coax extensions and Palm Key etc in hold suitcase.

7 AH LiFePO, 3X18650 home brew LiFe battery pack, tablet and 13" laptop in rucksack in cabin luggage.

No questions asked getting through security at MCR and HK. Batteries (with taped connections) removed into plastic box for inspection / scanning on belt.

Suitcase arrived safe in Sydney without being disturbed - all gear accounted for. TSA combo locks fitted to hold suitcase.

73 Phil


9/1/18 Amsterdam Airport. KX1, FT-857, MFJ Portable Tuner, MFJ Antenna Analyser and LiPo battery with taped connections in fire retardent bag with IATA rules and the calculation that 15 V x 5 Ah = 75 Wh.
No problems, no questions no delay :grinning:
73 de geert ea8/pa7zee


SFO->ZRH return with the above mentioned Alexloop case + radio. Had to remove some of the stuff into a separate tray, but otherwise no questions or issues from the TSA folks.


I’ll be flying to Germany tomorrow and returning from Denmark later. Here is the flight itinerary, LAX --> SFO, SFO --> FRA, CPH --> DEN. I’ll be carrying a Yaesu FT891, Yaesu FT1D, EFHW antennas, and two zippy 4200mAh batteries. I’ll let you all know how it goes.


Bratislava Airport. ATS3B, Elecraft T1 Portable Tuner, 2x10m wire antenna, coax and 3S LiPo battery with taped connections in fire retardent bag with IATA rules and the calculation that 12.6 V x 3.3 Ah = 42 Wh. No problems, no questions no delay, but on return from Leeds my LiPo made problem. I was stopped for 20 mins, two guys consult my battery with other guys. After two consultations I could have been into my plane. IATA protocol helped very much! Really.
73 de Igor OM3CUG