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Activations in North Wales-GW4VPX


Hi everyone…Just to let you know that I have posted four reports of my latest activations on my blog… Blog link:- http://www.gw4vpx.blogspot.co.uk

Thanks to all the chasers and activators for the contacts.

73 de Allan GW4VPX

*Mawddach estuary and the Rhinogs from Y Garn GW/NW-037

Chasing s2s… Moel Eilio GW/NW-022…Lleyn Peninsula in the backgroud

My set-up…FT817 with MX-P50M linear.

This one came a little too close for comfort…Eurocopter Squirrel from the Defence Helicopter Flying School…Moel Cynghorion GW/NW-030


Thanks for the S2S on SC-001 Alan. It looks like you were having similar weather to me.


Thanks for the blog/report Allan, well done.
Night night


Wish I had some of that weather today :wink:



There was lots of aircraft activity Allan. I didn’t see the earlier ones because I was in the forest, but spotted the Typhoons later. And of course the Chinook on-summit.

Today one of the yellow Sea Kings passed within a few metres at > 100 mph…

… I was on the A55 near Valley and it was in bits on a flat-bed going the other way. :cry:

Thanks for the S2S and the report. Super pics!


Just reading your report Allan, you probably could use your linear on 60m, with the 40m LPF switched in. Which is what I am doing now with my homebrew amplifier. 3rd harmonic is still at acceptable levels.
You were very loud with me, I would have guessed you had it in that day.



I have just bought an MX-P50M. If I had known you used one I would have asked for a quick review first.
The main idea was to reduce battery consumption on receive. Not yet tried outside the workshop.
No copy at all from your recent summits.