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AC1Z new MG


Congratulations Bob! Welcome to the herd. Baaaa!
Dean ~ K2JB


Congrats to you Bob. I am glad that I worked you on this Goat-able
day. Keep up the good work. C U down the log.
Jack KB7HH


Way to go Bob. Sorry I missed you on Goat day but see you again soon!

73, Bud N7CW


Congratulations Bob!
And thank you for your regular chaser activity. It´s always a pleasure to hear your signal from overseas :slight_smile:


Congratulations Bob! Thanks for all the Q’s.

73, Jordan


Congratulations, Bob! Thanks for being out there.
73, Martha W0ERI


Congratulations Bob!
With us in EU, you are more known as Chaser. Always big Siganl :slight_smile:
vy 73 de Matt HB9FVF


Congrats for GM Bob. Well done :clap: Eva, HB9FPM


Well done AC1Z! I always appreciate your calls when I’m out there. Scott KW4JM


Congrats Bob on your milestone. Thanks for all the summit points. Keep it going OM.



Congrats Bob. Thanks for the summits and thanks for chasing me as well.

73, Chuck K4QS


Nice job Bob ! that’s a lot of work

                    John K8LJG


Thank you! SOTA is a lot of fun! Bob AC1Z


Listening for you on the bands.



Congrats, Bob, for the MG milestone.
Glad that I chased you on such special activation.
I’ll be looking forward to chase you on many more and also being chased by you on many more.
Best 73,



Well done, Bob! Always a pleasure to hear ur call both chasing and activating…de bill w4hbk


Congratulations Bob, great job. Tnx for your activations.
73 gl