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A plea to 60m CW activators (plus comments on 60m in general WRC <> UK comms)


Same situation as occurred in the Netherlands and Spain. I think when the national regulators look at a request for the WRC15 band, they say “lets simply go with the agreed ITU standard” - that is 15KHz and 15w EiRP and nothing else.

(remember 15w EiRP is NOT 15w output, it’s not even 15w ERP from the antenna).

73 Ed.


Here (CT/CT3/CU) we could use 60m if, and only if, one are of top category (equivalent to Full) and ask for a special permit (1 year max).
At the end one should produce a report about propagation condx, etc, and send that report to ANACOM.

The allocation is the WRC-15, no mode restriction and 15W EIRP. No problem to use it /p or /m either.

The Max_pwr is what amaze me most: 15 EIRP ?!.. EIRP ?! Really ?

73 de Pedro, CT1DBS


Be careful what you wish for…

I’ll stick with our own fragmented and anachronistic allocations please :slight_smile:

73 de Paul G4MD