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70cm Activations


Yes, but when I win, the jackpot will be £2.50 less now!


£2.50??? It was a quid when I last played it.

When my wages were paid for by the taxpayer, I was quite happy to gamble with your money Andy. Now that I’m self-employed, I’m not prepared to gamble with my own dosh - so I’ve not played it since making the switch.

It’s been a bad day. When I got it my car this morning it was nearly as wet on the inside as it was outside - looks like the seals have failed and water is getting in via the car radio aerial. That resulted in me having to cancel a day of booked supply teaching work at the last minute and means that tomorrow I’ll be paying a garage bill instead of being able to earn anything. I had to walk through a kitchen in which toad-in-the-hole and bubble and squeak was being prepared, knowing I’d have to forego it to do the contest. Despite getting back early, there was none left. And all the results in League 2 are going the way we need them not to, and it looks like Macclesfield are going to be six points adrift at the foot of the Football League.

As days go, it’s been a stinker.


I’ll buy you a nice motor if I’ve won big time.


Garage bill of £20 was a minor “win” I guess. As long as I dont factor in two days of lost work/pay. Now - any more winter bonus going before Saturday…?