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4th Jan 2009 NPs


Plenty more summits going begging for the NP event in the New Year. Suggest that those with plans post to the alerts on here, to raise the profile of the event and encourage more participation, as Steve and I have done.

Of course, 4th January is a date that may well demand cancellations due to weather, but fingers crossed…

Now, how about a resurrection of the Gaulfest sometime between Christmas and New Year? For those in the dark, this was another round of activations, but centered on the WB and MW summits, and ending in afternoon tea at Mr Bun the Bakers in Church Stretton. Happy days.

Now, do we have a post-activation meet venue in mind for the NP event?



In reply to M1EYP:

I Asterixit, I’ll do the Stiperstones if it takes off!


Brian G8ADD

PS Excuse my gall!


Not read anything elsewhere yet about an NP event, but it sounds interesting to me.

Apologies if I have replied in haste and there is more info from other sources on the 'net.

Will someone please point me in the direction of more information or post it on here?

I have been made redundant today - my first thought was more time for Winter Bonus SOTA!!! Not been out in the hills this bonus season yet as I’d penciled in Saturday just gone to go up Helvellyn, but I chickened out after last weeks weather! Rescue chopper was called out to Helvellyn apparently on that day as some people had got stuck in the snow.

Looking forward to being involved in the event if possible, especially as I live in NP land!

73 Colin M0CGH (itching to get winter bonus bagging!)


Hi Colin,

Bad news on the job. Hope you get something sorted after a suitable winter bonus SOTA break.

The NP event is similar to the 2006 SP Fun Day, and is being organised by Chris 2E0FSR. There are some more details on the “Cracoe report.” thread on here.




In reply to All:

Dont forget, the main hub of administration for the NP Winter event is on the SOTA forum at http://www.sotaforum.co.uk and it resides under the “Special Events” section. The current NP summit list is there with names of operators and summits that are spoken for up to press.

As Tom posted earlier, there are still quite a few summits left open, and so it would be nice to see some more activators wishing to dust off the walking gear after the excesses of “Chrimble”




In reply to M0LMP:

The info can be found on http://www.sotaforum.co.uk All are welcome to register, just be sure to use your callsign as your username.



In order to drum up awareness of the event, and hopefully encourage more people to take part, does anyone object to me copying the list of intended activations on http://sotaforum.co.uk onto the Alerts page on here?

I would enter them with a default of 145-fm at 1300z, but remove them on request if individuals wanted to post their own in order that they can edit in additional details.



In reply to M1EYP:

Tom, I think we are all capable of alerting for ourselves without help from the teacher:-) This needs to be left to the individual to alert their own activations. I can’t understand why you are so keen to push the issue on this reflector.

If people want to alert via a list on another forum, that is their right and nobody should interfere with that. Leave well alone Tom, I think it might cause arguement and or bad feeling judging by some of the posts on the Sotaforum. If anyone is interested enough in the event, they can register on the Sotaforum and see the list. If they then decide to join in, they can decide if they alert their activations on the Reflector or not.

Do NOT alert my summit/time Tom, I’m capable of doing it myself when I’m ready, thanks.



NP Mike, only trying to help, as I know you were when you yourself copied the list of activations to this reflector. I’ve put the link to Sotaforum in my posting above anyway.

Any thoughts on an afer-activations meet-up venue yet folks?




Speaking purely as an interested chaser, I’m curious as to whether this “happening” will offer me anything down South. i.e. will there be any HF etc?

I thought there was a list further up the thread but it seems to have gone.

Please can anyone intending using HF (or maybe 2m CW) post alerts so I can plan accordingly. I may even get up to “The Woods” for some S2S. Thanks…

73 Marc G0AZS


In reply to M1EYP:

Tom, the start time of 12 midday is still in place and it is not 13.00 as you put in your post, as we have not yet had confirmation from Chris 2E0FSR, who is the event organiser, to move the time from midday to 13.00.

Again, please all be aware the most up to date information is available on http://www.sotaforum.co.uk, and as per Toms earlier request for simplicity and to prevent ambiguity, may I suggest we refrain from posting copies of lists all over the place as they will no doubt become full of errors and end up confusing potential participants. Use the Sotaforum pls, where Chris will maintain the list and times etc.




Ok thanks Lee.

Well in order to see if it’s worth getting a “pass out” for the 4th up to “The Woods”, I’m still happy to see alerts posted as per usual.

Looking forward to an interesting day…

73 Marc G0AZS


In reply to G0AZS:

Why not make it an even more interesting day Marc? Get a pass out for a day in G/NP, pick a summit and join in the fun.



In reply to M0LMP:

What I feared, is happening Lee. Confusion is setting in because others have forced themselves into the equasion.

It’s time to make it crystal clear that this is a Sotaforum event, planned on that forum by Chris 2E0FSR, who remains the one and only organiser of the event. Only information on the Sotaforum can be treated as correct.

Please, will all interested parties register at http://www.sotaforum.co.uk for further information and/or to choose a summit to be added to the list on that forum. All are welcome, but please do it the right way through the Sotaforum.

There is wrong information being posted on this reflector, if as Lee said, a time of 13:00 has been suggested. This is not true, at present the time remains as originally stated at 12:00 until further notice from Chris 2E0FSR, the event organiser.

Thank You


In reply to GW0DSP:

Good point, Mike. Such an event cannot be planned in two places simultaneously without confusion. I suggest that the planning remains with Sotaforum, where it started, and you give regular updates to this reflector.

Perhaps the next event can be planned on this reflector - how about North Wales at a time when the rain is warmer!


Brian G8ADD


As the NP event organiser I have read through this and I will chew it over and not make any hasty decisions and I will certainly not have my idea hijacked.

It’s very rare that I post on this reflector as in the past I had two perfectly valid posts regarding my hilltop activation equipment removed by a certain person who I will not name at this point but he knows who he is.

Chris 2E0FSR


In reply to GW0DSP:
Hi Mike

Like Chris FSR I also very rarely post on this website although for differing reasons, however, as a reader, this thread and the excellent event proposed, promoting SOTA, has definately been made confusing to all readers and possible participants.

Brian has certainly got it right with a commonsense approach, ‘Such an event cannot be planned in two places simultaneously without confusion. I suggest that the planning remains with Sotaforum, where it started, and you give regular updates to this reflector.’

I will not post any details on my own forum CQ…Portable until all has been finalised by Chris on the Sotaforum.


Ian 2E0EDX


In reply to G8ADD:

Thank you Brian, it has to be that way. More importantly, let’s all keep it within the spirit of amateur radio and friendship.

Now that Chris has posted, let’s leave it entirely up to him to digest all of the relevent posts from both fora and to then inform us on his decision re timing etc. I’m sure Chris will keep both forums well informed on any final decisions regarding what will be a day to be enjoyed by all involved, whether activator or chaser.

If you would rather not post on this reflector Chris, I’m sure that any of the others involved will post on your behalf.

Thanks for posting on here Chris, we all look forward to your updates.



No-one, certainly not me, is trying to rearrange your start time Chris. It did look like there was general agreement moving towards a 1300z start on Sotaforum, in order to make it easier for Steve 2E0KPO and Gerald G4OIG to participate. Hence that is the time in my Alert, but I’ll edit that back to 1200 if that is what it is going to be; it makes no difference to me travelling from Cheshire on a one-summit day.

No “hijack” - just looking forward to a great event with enthusiasm, and hoping that lots more people join in. I look forward to working you S2S on the 4th - be it at 1200 or 1300 :wink:




In reply to M1EYP:

… Here is a copy and paste of it (with
additionals from SOTAwatch Alerts edited in) for you
and anyone that isn’t a member of the Sotaforum:

extract -

G/NP-013 The Calf - Gerald G4OIG? (early)
G/NP-019 Yarlside - Gerald G4OIG?

Please note that if anyone has a burning desire to activate one or both of these summits, add your call to the official list of the SOTAforum. Ignore the inclusion of my call on the list on this reflector. I have only put the idea to join in the event to Paul G4MD and we will need to discuss the practicalities. It could be that we will choose other summits or maybe decide we can’t make the event. However, if we do make it, then we will fit in with 1200z, 1300z or whatever time Chris decides as there are S2S contacts on 2m to be made and I will want some cream on my cake… and a cherry on top as well!

73, Gerald