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2,000 +


I noticed today that there are now over 2,000 entries in the summits information database - all of which provide useful and interesting background information for activators. I certainly find them useful for planning ascents. Thanks to everyone who adds information.

Details of routes and parking spots are always useful - and attaching them to a particular summit makes them far easier to find than looking for information in activation reports.





I agree Richard, and the summit information repository facility on here is probably a bit of an “unsung hero”, with the amount of attention that is demanded by the reflector, the spots, and alerts.

Not only are the summit information pages worth a look for specific planning, they also make a most enjoyable and relaxing read in the shack.

No doubt the information posted enabled a faultless drive to the parking spot, and straightforward route-finding on the ascent of your activation today.

73, Tom M1EYP


In reply to M1EYP:

Thinking aloud (always dangerous)… What maybe a useful addition is the ability for activation reports to be tagged so they appear on the summit info page as well as the reflector. That way they won’t get lost in the mists of time.



That’s up to the user I suppose. There’s nothing to stop any contributor posting - or pasting their activation report as an article on the summit pages. In fact many do. Furthermore, I note some participants ONLY submit their activation reports to these pages, and bypass the reflector completely.

I post my reports to the reflector initially, then (eventually) onto my personal website along with the photos and other information, and finally I post a link to the relevant webpage on the summit info page.

So the facility is there for that to happen, but it is up to the poster of the reports exactly how/where they wish them to appear. Even if reports are not posted or pasted to the summit pages, they can still be found using the reflector search facility, by any keen researcher.

All the same, there is something appealing about your suggestion for the contributor to be able to tag a post with a summit reference for future lookup.



In reply to M1EYP:

All the same, there is something appealing about your suggestion for the
contributor to be able to tag a post with a summit reference for future

If you make things easy then people will use the facility. I was thinking along the lines that the summit page would show a list of specific summit info titles as it does now under a header of “Summit Info” and a separate list of activation reports under “Activation Reports”.

I’ve been somewhat loathed to paste my activation reports under summit info as they often contain “baggage” not directly related to the summit. I would be happy to dredge back through the bowels of the reflector and add the reports I’ve written in the past if people think that would be a good idea.



In reply to MM0FMF:

Hi Andy

I tend to think that the summits information is slightly different to a report. I have sometimes adopted the approach used by Steve Ashton in his mountaineering/walking books. They include a pithy route description and, separately, a longer account of a specific ascent - with all the “baggage”.

I feel sure that the key facts from your accounts of ascents would be useful to others - especially on those less activated hills.




In reply to G3CWI:

Your feeling is exactly the reason why I’ve resisted simply pasting the activation reports into the summits info.