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1st activation of DL/BG-061 and DL/BG-079


In reply to DK1ROB:

A very fascinating and detailed report Rob. Well done tackling a pair of sizeable summits after being away from the mountains for some time. I can see from your writing that you obviously enjoy the wildlife - seeing the animals and birds is always a real bonus on an activation.

I wonder whether your legs ache after 11 hours of walking.

73, Gerald G4OIG


In reply to DK1ROB:

Hey Rob,
herzlich willkommen bei der Assoziation Deutsche Alpen!
Freut mich sehr!

Eine schöne Ecke hast Du für Deine Tour ausgesucht…

73 de Dzianis, DD1LD


In reply to DK1ROB:
Hallo Rob, Gratulation zu den Erstaktivierungen in DL/BG und den schönen Tier- und Pflanzenfotos.
Interessant waere noch, auf welchen genauen Frequenzen Du die QSOs gemacht hast, denn 2m/70cm ist immer ein wenig schwierig in unserer Gegend.
vy 73, Dago, DJ5KZ.


In reply to DK1ROB:

An amazing set of photos Rob - thanks for sharing them with us. I was surprised to see just how varied the terrain was - from fertile green areas to boulder fields.

What an experience - I would be on a high for a good week or two after doing those summits!

73, Gerald G4OIG