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QSL This category is for discusion about QSL cards.
Milestones This category was created as a sub-category of people. There are frequent posts that refer to things that some activator or chase has achieved. Grouping them together under Milestones as a sub category of people seems to be appropriate. Apologies to our metric participants as there does not seem to be a metric equivalent.
Introduce yourself A chance for new users (and even existing users) to say hi and tell us a little about themselves.

About the People category [People] (1)
NA6MG 500th Unique ( 2 ) [Milestones] (27)
W0MNA 100K chaser points ( 2 3 ) [Milestones] (47)
Pics from SOTA meetings @ FN QSL Wall [People] (2)
A noticeable result [People] (10)
W7RV now over 100K chaser points ( 2 3 ) [Milestones] (49)
New 4x Super Sloth - Charles K0LAF [People] (13)
Where are they now? [People] (6)
New VE2 Mountain Goat today: VE2DDZ [Milestones] (19)
New to SOTA from the Andes summits in Peru [Introduce yourself] (13)
Hi folks! W4XEN here. New to the Reflector [Introduce yourself] (14)
Éva, YO6EVA newest Mountain Goat in Romania [Milestones] (17)
Made it 1000 Chaser Points Today [Milestones] (16)
NARSA (Blackpool) Rally ( 2 ) [People] (35)
A New Mountain Goat [Milestones] (12)
Congratulations MM0YCJ Colwyn 4xMG! [Milestones] (12)
OE7PHI Hansjörg to achieve 100,000 chaser points [Milestones] (16)
IW3AGO Heinrich New Mountain Goat [Milestones] (13)
New Mountain Goat ( 2 3 4 ) [Milestones] (67)
IW2OBX Mountain Goat! [Milestones] (3)
W2SE Super Sloth! ( 2 ) [Milestones] (34)
Congrats to Jürg, HB9BIN, and René, HB9NBG, for their 8th resp. 1st SOTA mountain goats [Milestones] (19)
Liz, K1LIZ New MG ( 2 ) [Milestones] (35)
Sad news ON7PX [People] (9)
K1LIZ set to make MG today on W4C/WM-010 [Milestones] (7)
Congrats to Kurt, HB9AFI: 7000 activator points - enjoy your 7th mountain goat! [Milestones] (11)
Urgent message - Curt K7ZOO (emergency over - Curt located in NM) [People] (20)
KA5PVB New Texas Super Sloth [Milestones] (9)
Gary K3TCU - Super Sloth [Milestones] (19)
New NA MG KJ4ZFK [Milestones] (16)