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Activation Reports

Issues/Errors This sub-category is intended for errors or issues related to an activation. That may include a wrong summit reference or a wrong call sign, or a wrong location or anything else that you would consider as being an issue or error with an activation or its report. Pre-Planning This category is intended for discussions about planning activations. This should not be a substitute for posting an ALERT on SOTAwatch, but should be focused on intended plans and may seek information from others. If you use this category and then subsequently activate and post your activation report in this thread, please adjust the category to "Activation Reports"
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VHF (FM) Activity in EA8 Canary Islands [Pre-Planning] (4)
Fuerteventura Part 4, December 2018– Pico de la Zarza (EA8/FU-001) [Activation Reports] (1)
Mt. Iremendi EA2/NV-059 and Mt. Zotalar EA2/NV-046 by EA2IF/P on 19/01/2019 [Activation Reports] (2)
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